What are the dates of the program?

The 2024 program schedule will run from June 17th through July 26th.

Is this program virtual or in-person?

The program is in-person, on the UM Ann Arbor Campus. Students stay in the Alice Lloyd Residence Hall during the duration of the program and work in an on-campus laboratory. 

I'm not a current junior in high school. Am I eligible?

The program is specific to current juniors. Fortunately, it is an ongoing program, so we encourage you to apply in the future!

I am not attending a high school in the state of Michigan. Am I eligible?

You must be a current junior attending a high school in the state of Michigan to be eligible. 

I haven't taken the SAT yet. Am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible! The SAT is not a requirement to apply or participate in the program. 

My letters of recommendation haven't been submitted yet, but I am done with my application. Can I submit it, or do I need to wait?

Yes you should submit your application once you have finished your portion. Your recommenders can submit their letters even after you have submitted your application. 

Do I have to stay on campus the entire time?

Outside of the lab, interns will participate in professional development and enrichment opportunities. With that being said, students are required to be on campus during the entire duration of the program, aside from any health or emergency related absences.

I have other plans made for the summer I'd also like to attend. Is that ok?

Students must be available and ready to commit their time to the program, in-person, for the entire 6 weeks.

Aspirnaut is an in-person program, where you stay in a dorm on the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor campus. You do hands-on, laboratory research with a research mentor Monday-Friday, and on the weekends you get to participate in social events, professional development, and free time to explore Ann Arbor and rest.

Can I take classes during the program?

No, students are not allowed to take classes during the duration of the program. 

Does the program cost anything?

Participation in the Aspirnaut program is completely free, which includes housing, a meal plan, lab materials, and more. We actually pay interns a monthly stipend!

How many applicants are accepted into the program?

We accept 8-10 interns each year. 

If I am admitted into the program, what researcher would I be working with? 

We don't have a specific list of faculty researchers, as they differ from year to year. We consistently work with scientists in the Life Sciences Institute, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB), and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB).  You can get a sense of the types of research you would be working on by looking at the research on their websites.

How do I know if I qualify for Federal Disadvantaged Aid?

Your high school counselor or financial aid office should be able to tell you if you qualify for federal disadvantaged aid. 

Are international students eligible?

International students are eligible if they are attending a high school in the state of Michigan and are either US Citizens or Permanent Residents.

For additional questions about the program or the application process, email: AspirnautUM@umich.edu or call: (734) 763-3552.